Dr Lindsay Porter, one of our committee members and a renowned expert on Hong Kong’s iconic Pink Dolphin, will be hosting a talk on the conservation of this much loved mammal. Register your interest below!

Life in the Fast Lane: how Hong Kong dolphins and porpoise survive in the words busiest port


There have been many stories of wildlife around the globe emerging into urban areas as humans stay at home and social distance. For Hong Kong’s dolphins and porpoise, the cessation of fast ferries into neighbouring Macau and Chinese ports brought a little bit of peace and quiet to local waters and resulted in remarkable changes in dolphin and porpoise behaviour and habitat use. Lindsay has been studying Hong Kong’s marine mammals for more than twenty years and has documented the day to day lives of these fascinating creatures. In her talk, Lindsay will provide a history of marine mammals in Hong Kong and explain how putting Hong Kong on pause has changed the way dolphins and porpoise live in our local waters.