Covid not only got in the way of hosting the Burns supper live this year, but the lack of flights from the UK at one point threatened Hong Kong’s haggis supply. With dreadful visions of a shortage as serious as the toilet roll problems of early 2020, by mid January the haggis shortage was addressed and we went ahead with our annual Burns supper on the 30th of January – virtually – from the Chieftain’s flat. We were joined by zoom with 40 individual dinners and an estimated 250 people.

Many thanks to all of those who joined the evening, and especially our speakers – the Immortal Memory proposed by Adrian Mowat, the toast to the lassies from John Bruce, to the laddies from Fiona Donnely, and the reply on behalf of the guests by Signor Enrico Mattoli, with the evening orchestrated by our Vice-Chieftain, Jenna Fitzgerald.
Adrian Mowatt with the Immortal Memory.
John Bruce toasting the Lassies.
Fiona Donnelly toasting the Laddies.
Signor Enrico Mattoli replying on behalf of the guests.
Special mention must go to John Budge, who has attended every Burns Supper for the last 43 years.
The star on the night was Bella, the Chieftain’s puppy, for her memorable appearance during the toast to the haggis.
It was a great evening and next year we hope to be back to celebrating at the Conrad. As you would expect when 3 past chieftains get together , there was some mischief!