No people so few in number, have scored so deep a mark in world’s history as the Scots have done.

– Victorian historian John Anthony Froude

The Hong Kong St. Andrew’s Society dates back to 1881, to the early years of Hong Kong as a British colony and the list of previous Chieftains includes many of the great characters that have made Hong Kong what it is today. Our Milestone moments bring the rich past of this community and the city itself, to life.

While Hong Kong is our home, for the long or short term, the Society allows members to come together to celebrate a common affinity with Scotland, our culture and our heritage.

Today, the following office bearers have been entrusted with running the Society, and meet at least every two months (except for the summer):

Mr Niall MacLeod


Ms Jenna Fitzgerald

Vice Chieftain

Mr Scott Semple


Mr Stuart Roseman


General Committee

Ms Fiona Cheng

Mr Gary Luttrell

Dr Lindsay Porter

Mr Callum Dunn

Ms Mairi McInnes

Mr Bobby Tsang

Mr Charlie Landale

Mr David Morrison

Mr Andrew Weir

Honorary Auditor

Mr Ryan Swann [Baker Tilly HK Ltd]